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Looking for diverse software development talent? Hire a TechSwitcher
Over the past 20 years, Softwire has been recruiting and training great developers for their own internal hiring and for clients. With these years of proven experience in training, developing and retaining software engineers, we are now also applying this same knowledge and expertise to training those wanting a career change into tech; providing our hiring partners with access to an untapped pool of talent, trained to exceptional standards in a wide range of technologies.

Our next cohort will be placement-ready in August 2021



We recruit based on aptitude, attitude and motivation. Applicants go through our in-house recruitment and selection process:


CV + Cover Letter


Pre-reading + Coding Exercise + Logic Exercises


Coding Challenge + General Interview


12-week Software Development bootcamp designed by industry-leading software engineers.

The course equips our learners with the skills required to contribute to a wide range of projects.

Software Development is the main focus but it doesn’t stop there, our learners also gain experience in planning and designing solutions, managing projects, as well as testing code effectively.


Once the bootcamp is underway and the learners have settled down into their training, we share their profiles with our hiring partners. This includes a TechSwitch-format technical CV as well as a one-page biography introducing themselves.

We are flexible in terms of how you want to assess our learners and are happy to facilitate any interviews, tests, etc.

Post-bootcamp, learners (‘TechSwitchers’) progress to become full-time employees of TechSwitch and start their placements with our hiring partners.

During the placement, you will have the opportunity to evaluate the TechSwitcher’s performance and cultural fit prior to converting them to your permanent employ.

Trainer presents part of the coding bootcamp

Hiring Approach

Standard Programme

Preferred approach if you are looking to hire smaller numbers, perhaps 1s or 2s. You will have access to select candidates from our pre-existing or scheduled cohorts.


Bespoke Programme

Preferred approach for hiring larger volumes, requiring 8+ hires. You can have significant input into the timelines, initial recruitment process, and the topics and technologies included in the course.

Partnering with TechSwitch

A Focus on Diversity

We are passionate about closing the diversity gap and tackling the skills shortage within the UK tech sector, and we made a few changes to our model in order to achieve more meaningful results in this area. Unlike the majority of bootcamps in the market, we do not charge our learners any fees for the training. By adopting this approach, we believe it reduces barriers to entry, making tech careers more accessible, and attracts a greater diversity of candidates. This enables us to recruit individuals with diverse backgrounds, skillsets and life experiences; in turn, supporting you in building a more diverse workforce and encouraging greater gender, ethnic, age and cognitive diversity in the tech sector.

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Supporting career changers & returners

We appreciate that it takes real courage to change career path, so as career changers, our TechSwitchers tend to be focused, driven, passionate individuals who aren’t afraid to start over and try something new. They are automatically more open to learning, thinking creatively, and collaborating. They bring with them a wide range of skills from their ‘previous lives’ which can lead to more innovative thinking and different ways of looking at problems and situations.

Meet Our Alumni


Our 12 week bootcamp provides commercially relevant training, delivered by a team of people who work at the cutting edge of the tech sector, day in, day out. We have low learner to trainer ratios (maximum of 10 learners per cohort), which means that our learners get lots of 1 on 1 attention from an expert software engineer. The training equips our learners with the skills required to contribute to a wide range of projects. Learners have the opportunity to work on a number of short projects and exercises, increasing in scale and complexity over the course of the programme.

Our Course


We believe that as a Developer, it’s far more important to understand the fundamental principles of Software Development than it is to know exactly how to do any one particular task. Everyone has access to resources such as Stack Overflow but those resources won’t usually help explain the bigger picture, or why one approach might be better than another. The most valuable employees are the ones who understand the objectives and requirements – even the ones that aren’t made explicit - and can use their own judgement and experience as they research the best way of implementing the detail.

Meet our TechSwitchers

Quote from Jake: I came in to this course with almost no prior knowledge of programming and through it secured a full-time developer role. Whilst the course is fast-paced and challenging, Techswitch does a great job of ensuring you feel truly valued and supported throughout by offering great teaching, frequent one-on-one chats and, if you need it, extra mentoring and tasks to make sure you nail those core concepts. The course has undoubtedly fast-tracked my career, and with the added safety net of expert tuition, top-end technology and even mock interviewing, I would highly recommend Techswitch to anyone looking to get in to software development.

- Jake

Quote from Kapil: The Techswitch course has been such a great experience for me personally. While coding was what drew me to software development, the Techswitch course develops you to be a good software engineer. Of course, there’s a lot of coding involved as well! But less common topics, that are brushed off in online tutorials, are given equal (and sometimes more) importance. Things like learning git, the importance of testing, and working in an agile way have definitely given me a true understanding of what it means to be a real software engineer. On top of that, the actual course itself is really fun which makes coming in everyday so motivating and gets you genuinely excited to start a career in software development.

- Kapil

Quote from Wendy: Joining TechSwitch has transformed my career path. Although I had previously been self-studying code, I knew I needed industry-standard experience to navigate my way successfully into tech. TechSwitch provided a wide breadth of project-based learning in software development, along with both coding and career mentorship. The holistic approach to my growth meant that I felt supported every step of the way. Best of all, I came out even more enthusiastic about being a developer than when I started!

- Wendy

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