2019 Cohort Testimonials

Mon, 11 Jan 2021

Jake – Junior Front End Developer

Jake’s first encounter with coding was during his post-graduate degree in Taxonomy and Biodiversity, in the form of a 6-week intensive R course. The more time he spent as a hobbyist coder, the more he learned to love the nature of the work. The constant challenge kept him hooked throughout. A few months after graduating, he made the “undeniably scary” decision to quit his full-time job as a lab technician and channel everything he had into making a career in software development a reality.

‘I came in to this course with almost no prior knowledge of programming and through it secured a full-time developer role. Whilst the course is fast-paced and challenging, Techswitch does a great job of ensuring you feel truly valued and supported throughout by offering great teaching, frequent one-on-one chats and, if you need it, extra mentoring and tasks to make sure you nail those core concepts. The course has undoubtedly fast-tracked my career, and with the added safety net of expert tuition, top-end technology and even mock interviewing, I would highly recommend TechSwitch to anyone looking to get in to software development.’

Kapil – Associate Java Engineer

Born and raised in New Zealand, Kapil grew up loving maths, however, it never ended up being the subject he studied at university. After graduating from a business degree, he spent some time travelling the world, and eventually returned home to pursue a course in Information Systems. He then landed a job at a major Telco, on their technology graduate scheme – working in cyber-security, and later, in chatbot development. As a chatbot developer, he got his first real taste of programming writing Python scripts, and even though it was relatively simple work, he was hooked!

‘The Techswitch course has been such a great experience for me personally. While coding was what drew me to software development, the Techswitch course develops you to be a good software engineer. Of course, there’s a lot of coding involved as well! But less common topics, that are brushed off in online tutorials, are given equal (and sometimes more) importance. Things like learning git, the importance of testing, and working in an agile way have definitely given me a true understanding of what it means to be a real software engineer. On top of that, the actual course itself is really fun which makes coming in everyday so motivating and gets you genuinely excited to start a career in software development.’

Look out for “One Year On” updates from the rest of our 2019 cohort!

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