2020 Cohort Testimonials

Wed, 20 Jan 2021


Whilst learning how to code, Beatrice discovered that she wanted to be a role model, to motivate and help people from underrepresented communities to consider technology. She’s a firm believer that technology should be accessible for all and the workforce should reflect our diverse and globally-connected society. Inspired by her TechSwitch course tutor, Beatrice also volunteers as a teaching assistant, passing on the valuable knowledge that she learnt to help other career switchers.

“TechSwitch provided me with a good insight into how software developers and different tech teams work collaboratively. I had previously taught myself how to code and was used to independently building projects. However, being able to collaborate is a key part of being a developer. TechSwitch introduced me to pair-programming, which allowed me to learn from my peers. As a result, I feel more comfortable asking for help and using pair-programming to learn from other junior developers. I even feel comfortable pair-programming with senior developers in order to learn and become unstuck at work.”


The software industry is not new to Hema, she started her career as a Developer and later moved into QA Engineering. Upon returning to work after a 2 year career break, there was a lack of demand for Manual Testers so she decided to return to her original passion for software development but realised that the industry had evolved immensely over the years. Through our bootcamp, she was able to equip herself with the latest technical skills required to be a Full Stack Developer.

“Joining TechSwitch has been the best decision I’ve made regarding my career. I was not new to coding but was returning to it after a long break. The course is intense and focuses on projects from day one, using all the latest industry processes and standards. In no time, it gave me the confidence to take a stack of technologies, put them together and create complex applications. The training team are very skilled Developers and always approachable. Since completing the bootcamp, I have gone on to join a very popular independent school as a Developer.”


Having studied humanities at university, Joseph brings a non-traditional background to their work. Joseph loves learning new technologies and wants to make software more accessible for users and encourage people to engage with computers in a deeper way.

“The bootcamp was an amazing experience, every day I was learning something new, with amazing coursemates and with dedicated trainers. I started the course with just knowing the basics of programming and by the end, I had the skills and confidence to finish my own projects. Coming in to learn every day was a joy, and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking to work hard and learn to code!”


Kanwaljit is experienced in digital marketing, user research and implementing new web and mobile sites. She had been interested in learning to code for some time and being a stay-at-home parent gave her the opportunity to start self-learning. When she decided to return to work, she had the opportunity to rethink her career and thought it would be a good time to try something new!

“The TechSwitch course took me from being someone who dabbled in code to someone who is now able to make web applications from scratch, both the front and back end. I had previously been teaching myself to code but wanted to learn from and with others. The course focused on getting us making applications which I really liked, everything we learnt we put into practice. The trainers are very skilled developers and the course is incredibly supportive. I went on to join an early stage health tech start-up which has been super exciting!”


A recent career returner who made the decision to fully transition into software development after focusing on being a full-time mum. Wendy has had a varied career in fields such as education, art, communications, PR and psychotherapy. Her philosophy is that software development should be human-centred, accessible and create great experiences for a diverse audience.

“Joining TechSwitch has transformed my career path. Although I had previously been self-studying code, I knew I needed industry-standard experience to navigate my way successfully into tech. TechSwitch provided a wide breadth of project-based learning in software development, along with both coding and career mentorship. The holistic approach to my growth meant that I felt supported every step of the way. Best of all, I came out even more enthusiastic about being a developer than when I started!”

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