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Mon, 1 Mar 2021

Alex - 2019 Cohort

Alex comes from an Accountancy and Management background but always felt something was missing from his career. He admired people who worked in tech but was hesitant about returning to university so decided to start learning to code by himself. He started with an android development course on Udacity where he came across Java for the first time. Intrigued by the language, he was keen to learn more and a Developer friend agreed to guide him on some more advanced Java topics. He later came across TechSwitch and was accepted onto our October 2019 programme.

Alex is now a Junior API Developer at an online greeting card marketplace. We caught up with Alex to find out how he’s doing one year on…

“When I finished the bootcamp, we were faced with the first lockdown. I was very worried that I wasn’t going to be able to secure a job but I managed to get hired quite quickly. I have been working from home since my first day in the role and it has been both good and bad, I enjoy not having to commute to work but miss the human interaction.

My role as an API Developer involves creating REST APIs, fixing bugs, and collaborating with the product team on creating new features for the website. I enjoy being a part of the project from the beginning – brainstorming how we will tackle a new feature, its bottlenecks, how it can be scaled in the future and seeing it being implemented by writing the code for it. It’s a great feeling to see your work live on the website and being used by the end users.”

Is there any advice you would like to share with those looking to make a career change into software development?

“If you like solving puzzles, it will be one of the best decisions you make. I waited almost 2 years before deciding to join a bootcamp, I initially tried to learn how to code by myself which was slow and difficult. TechSwitch gave me the opportunity to work with others on group projects, providing exposure to all aspects of the development lifecycle, from designing the architecture to demo-ing to stakeholders. It prepared me for the real job environment, which you can’t get with online courses. The 3 months of full-time training took my programming knowledge to the next level. If I could do it again, I would have joined a bootcamp much sooner, and I would choose TechSwitch again. I still think it is the best bootcamp you can find in London.”

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