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Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions

Are there any necessary qualifications?

No! If you have done some hobby coding in your spare time that might help you find your feet quicker but it definitely isn't necessary.

How long is the course?

The course consists of 12 weeks of training, followed by an 18-month job placement in industry with the option of making that a permanent role.

Do you need any previous coding experience?

No! No previous experience is required. We will provide all the training you need to become a confident software developer. However, upon application we will provide you with pre-reading which will enable you to take the technical tests we set. Please give yourself time to study this before taking the tests.

I'm currently studying, can I take this bootcamp at the same time?

Unfortunately, the course and placement are both full-time so you would be unable to study alongside taking our bootcamp and working during the placement.

Course Details

What are the hours and where is it?

The course is full-time Monday-Friday. The initial 12-week bootcamp is ordinarily based in our offices in north London, but currently will be held remotely to ensure the safety of our staff and learners. Teaching hours are between 10am-4pm but we ask learners to do at least 2 hours of individual study outside of these hours to make sure they complete the course successfully.

What languages/technology do you teach?

This varies from course to course depending on the companies we are working at the time. Our current cohort are studying Java followed by React but throughout the course we introduce our learners to a wide variety of languages and aim to make them good full-stack developers, not specialists in a particular technology.

How much is the course?

The course fee is £500. However, we refund this to you in full upon completing the course. We also have bursaries available upon request.

What is the course structure?

The first three weeks will be spent on a bootcamp going through a series of exercises which increase in difficulty as you go along. Following this we will introduce you to another technology and start working on mini-projects. For the final four weeks you will complete a group project. Throughout the course there will also be training in Agile practices, soft skills and interview techniques.

What size are the cohorts?

Cohorts range in size between 5-10 learners. We keep them small to make sure you get enough one-to-one time with the trainer.


Do I get a say in where my placement is?

Yes! We won't force you to take a placement you don't want but this is also why we can't guarantee that we find you a job as it is up to you to interview at for the placement and accept the role.

Will I be paid a salary?

Not during the 12 week training, but once you have successfully completed that we will pay you a £30,000 salary.

Will the placement be based in London?

The vast majority of our placements are based in London but on the off-chance they are based elsewhere we will offer a relocation package.

If you have any other questions please drop us an email at info@techswitch.co.uk or use the contact form below.

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