The Application Form

As part of the application form we will ask you to include a cover letter and CV.

Your CV should give us a general idea of your background and previous experience as well as if you have had any experience with coding yourself e.g. an online course, following free tutorials or other bootcamps.

Your cover letter should include a little about yourself, your background and your motivation for retraining as a Software Developer.

Online Tests

The next stage of the application process is to take a series of online tests. You will be able to take these at any time and in any order.

One of the online tests will involve writing some code of your own in JavaScript. If you have never written any JavaScript or code before, don't worry as we provide pre-reading to teach you some basic JavaScript and help you prepare for this coding test. We generally recommend applicants to select Level 1 unless you have substantial prior coding experience. There is a practice test that you can complete before taking the actual test. The test is split into three questions and you must finish each one before moving on to the next. There is a total of four hours to complete all three questions (this does not include the practice test.)

The other two online tests do not require any coding and are logic puzzles. You do not need to have completed the JavaScript pre-reading in order to take these.

Once you have completed all of the online tests we aim to let you know if you have progressed to the interview stage within 1 working day.

Check out our JavaScript pre-reading for Windows or Mac

Interview Stage

The final stage of the application process is the interview.

This will be split into two sections. One will be a coding challenge which our trainer will help guide you through and the other is a more general chat.

The interview will generally take no more than 2 hours total and we use an informal format so feel free to dress casually.

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