Closing the diversity gap

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Our Mission

At TechSwitch, we are passionate about closing the diversity gap and tackling the skills shortage within the UK tech sector. ​​Our mission is to provide people from all walks of life with the opportunity to become Software Developers, regardless of their background.

Graphic reading 'TechSwitchers Are: 74% Women, 48% Minority Ethnic, 87% Career Changers and 30% Returners.'

Diversity in tech

The UK Tech Sector is growing at a remarkable rate, employing 2.93M people, with 40% growth in the last two years. However, it continues to suffer from significant diversity challenges.

Only 19% of tech roles in the UK are currently held by Women

Minority ethnic tech workers account for only 18%.

Making tech careers more accessible

To boost representation from diverse social backgrounds, we made a few changes to our TechSwitch model in order to achieve more meaningful results in this area. Unlike the majority of bootcamps in the market, we do not charge our learners any fees for the training. By adopting this approach, we believe it reduces barriers to entry, making tech careers more accessible, and attracts a greater diversity of candidates.

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