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At TechSwitch, we identify promising individuals who are motivated to move into tech and provide them with training to become Junior Software Developers.

Our mission is to close the diversity gap and make tech careers more accessible so our training is completely free and anyone can apply regardless of their age, employment history or level of education.

Following the bootcamp, TechSwitchers are offered placements with our Hiring Partners, securing them their first role in software development as well as providing the placement company with the opportunity to evaluate them prior to hiring permanently.

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Break into tech

We see potential, not experience. Our applicants don’t need to have been coding for years or have studied computer science to become great Software Developers.

By gaining skills and experience in other industries and roles, they bring something extra to the table. As a developer, they have more dimensions than someone who went through a traditional route into coding.

Our training

We know that software development isn’t just about languages. Our training provides the foundations to make sure our learners are able to apply their skills to any language in the future.

Learners are also taught best-practice techniques to make sure they immediately fit right into any development team.

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Are there any necessary qualifications?

No! If you have done some hobby coding in your spare time that might help you find your feet quicker but it definitely isn't necessary to apply.

How long is the bootcamp?

The course consists of 12 weeks of training, followed by an 18-month job placement in industry with the option of making that a permanent role.

Do you need any previous coding experience?

No! No previous experience is required. We will provide all the training you need to become a confident software developer. This starts with learning some JavaScript during the application process.

What are the hours and where is it?

The course is full-time (Weekdays 10am-4pm). The initial 12-week bootcamp is normally based in our offices in north London but we have since made the course remote to protect our staff and learners.

Meet our TechSwitchers

I came in to this course with almost no prior knowledge of programming and through it secured a full-time developer role. Whilst the course is fast-paced and challenging, Techswitch does a great job of ensuring you feel truly valued and supported throughout by offering great teaching, frequent one-on-one chats and, if you need it, extra mentoring and tasks to make sure you nail those core concepts. The course has undoubtedly fast-tracked my career, and with the added safety net of expert tuition, top-end technology and even mock interviewing, I would highly recommend Techswitch to anyone looking to get in to software development.

- Jake

The Techswitch course has been such a great experience for me personally. While coding was what drew me to software development, the Techswitch course develops you to be a good software engineer. Of course, there’s a lot of coding involved as well! But less common topics, that are brushed off in online tutorials, are given equal (and sometimes more) importance. Things like learning git, the importance of testing, and working in an agile way have definitely given me a true understanding of what it means to be a real software engineer. On top of that, the actual course itself is really fun which makes coming in everyday so motivating and gets you genuinely excited to start a career in software development.

- Kapil

Joining TechSwitch has transformed my career path. Although I had previously been self-studying code, I knew I needed industry-standard experience to navigate my way successfully into tech. TechSwitch provided a wide breadth of project-based learning in software development, along with both coding and career mentorship. The holistic approach to my growth meant that I felt supported every step of the way. Best of all, I came out even more enthusiastic about being a developer than when I started!

- Wendy

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